Jake Kretzel



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Jake is a Canadian from a small Alberta town currently residing in Colchester on a work visa. He has keen interests in physical activity, nutrition, and British humour.
His interest in sports and health led him to the University of Alberta, where he obtained a bachelor of science (BSc) in kinesiology.

Jake has worked as a kinesiologist/exercise therapist at a rehabilitation centre, where he designed exercise programs for people with various acute and chronic injuries and health conditions. His primary functions are teaching proper technique, breathing patterns, and healthy ways of thinking during exercise and physical activity in general.

What the (censored) is kinesiology?
Put in simple terms, kinesiology is the study of human or non-human body movement. It focuses primarily on the biomechanical (physics), physiological (reactions inside the body), and psychological (what’s happening inside the brain) aspects of physical activity. It can be thought of as ‘exercise science.’ Things such as the best way of swinging a golf club to what the muscles in a person’s thigh are doing while they kick a football fall under the realm of kinesiology.
Some popular branches of kinesiology include personal training and physical therapy.

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