Gareth gailey

running coach


07772 131749



A registered Group Leader with England Athletics and with over 30 years’ experience of running both competitively and socially Gareth is bringing his knowledge and insight in his role at Parkside Running & Fitness to the Highwoods Health Clinic.


Gareth includes, amongst his current clients, runners of all ages and abilities, novices to national standard and also a number of participants from other sports to assist with improving their performance. He firmly believes that regardless of ability the principles of training and development are the same for everyone but that they just require tailoring to the individual’s needs and personality.


His work has a strong focus on good technique, injury prevention and rehabilitation as well as planning and performance analysis. A keen Marathon and Ultramarathon runner one of Gareth’s particular interests is in the mental side of physical activity and this informs his pastoral approach to coaching, although he also enjoys a good stat and spreadsheet.


When not giving personal tuition, as well as running group sessions, Gareth can be found either running or volunteering at various local events and is an active member of the core committee at Colchester Castle parkrun.


His personal challenge for 2017 is to make the step from 100km to 100 mile Ultras.


Gareth will be a fantastic addition to the team at Highwoods Health Clinic and vital to the full development and rehab of our clients. Running biomechanics and proper training plans are extremely important in preparation for events and maintaining / improving fitness. To have access to training programmes and reports is vital for a fully organised plan of action and something we at Highwoods Health Clinic think differentiates ourselves in a bespoke injury management system.

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